Omosola Odetunde


Omosola Odetunde is an interim CTO, product/engineering advisor, and senior software engineer. She is passionate about building great, socially-beneficial products and holds great importance on understanding end-users and their needs as a core part of the engineering process.

Omosola is a versatile engineer and wears many hats, including Front-end, Backend, User Research, UX Design, Product Owner, and Tech Lead. She currently serves as interim CTO of Legal OS (, developing their technical strategy, engineering management practices, assisting with fundraising, and more. Before that, she worked at the female health startup Clue, where among other achievements like the Symptom Forecaster, Support Tool revamp, and Backend Onboarding creation, she led technical development of, the company’s first content platform. She has also built and led countless projects with Shopify, Chegg, Babbel, Microsoft, Shopkick, as an academic researcher, and more in her last 9 years as a software engineer.

She earned a Masters in Computer Science from Stanford University with a focus in Artificial Intelligence (Natural Language Processing) and a Bachelors of Computer Science in Human Computer Interaction, also from Stanford University.

Omosola brings her varied skills and backgrounds to lead and contribute throughout the product development cycle, whether that is working on a language classifier, risk and fraud in e-commerce, or automated ergonomics computation for a car manufacturer. She is determined to use her skills to spread as much good in the world as possible.

Selected honors

United States Presidential Scholar
Google Anita Borg Scholar
AAUW Selected Professions Scholar
KPCB Engineering Fellow
Stanford Phi Beta Kappa
Stanford Tau Beta Pi
Stanford Dean's Award for Academic Excellence
VMWare & Zynga Senior Project Technical Awards