I write a lot personally and as a fun and relaxing hobby, but I also want to get into a habit of publishing some more of it. There's not so much here just yet, but more will come.

Childhood Dreams (or embracing my non-specialist nature in a specialist world)

June 2018


Black History Month Remix

"History has been built by a wide set of diverse people. People who have looked like almost every single person on this planet. People who could have served as role models and inspirational figures for almost everyone on this planet....
There is a real value to seeing yourself in history. If people who you identify with have gotten to where you want to be, why would you doubt that you could get there as well?
This is why the Black History I was taught in school was a problem for me..."
February 2017



Serverless React and Web Crawlers
March 2018

Developer Onboarding at Shopify


My 12 Weeks in Babbel's Backend Service Team


Chegg Course Planner

Wrote an article about new Course Planner I developed as my first project at Chegg. 2013